It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Etsy finds!

As I’m sure you all know, Etsy one of the greatest places to find handmade gifts, decorations, accents, etc.  I turned to Etsy this year for some Christmas decorating help as Mr. Fancy Pants and I wanted a “handmade” and “natural” look to our Christmas decor–as much as possible at least.  Mr. Fancy Pants has an aversion to any Christmas decorations that include glitter, sparkles, or anything “cutesy”.  In my opinion, Christmas is the ONLY time of year it’s ok to have a little glitter and sparkle around so some does appear in 601 Nelray here and there but I’ve tried to keep that under wraps for our Mr. Fancy Pants as it’s only our first Christmas together and I have many more years to break him of his “cutesy” Christmas decoration dislike.  Ha!

One of my sweet friends, Brooke, made her own Christmas tree skirt that is incredibly creative and awesome which is what I wish I could’ve done, but unfortunately I had to make the choice between making our stockings or our tree skirt, and seeing as the stockings STILL aren’t finished, good thing we’re not holding our breath for both!  So I turned to Etsy’s creative pool to find something handmade and spectacular.  Enter prettyswank.  I LOVE the tree skirt that I purchased from them.  Just catch a load of the awesome description they have of them on their profile:

“We’re five sisters that like to make neat things (we also have two brothers, but unfortunately their coolness quotient cannot be bought or sold, which leaves the shopkeeping to the womenfolk). Among us we’ve got one that likes to treasure hunt and make jewelry, one that sews, one that makes movies, one that sings, and one that makes art. Now we’re not so little anymore–no sharing bedrooms or fighting about clothes–but we still like to see what each other’s up to. Come peek inside!

I’m up for grabbing a handmade treasure from people with that kind of description!!  Take a look at the beautiful Christmas tree skirt the Fancy Pants’ are sporting underneath our tree!

Christmas tree skirt from prettyswank on Etsy

Christmas tree skirt from prettyswank on Etsy

Christmas tree skirt one more time!

I also needed a Christmas tree topper for my little Christmas tree that would hold all of my angel ornaments.  My grandmother has always called me “Sally Angel” and for as long as I can remember has given me countless decorations, knick knacks, ornaments, etc. with angels on them.  They are some of my most precious possessions.  When I got to college, I pledged the same sorority that she was in when she was at the University of Alabama.  Our sorority’s symbol is the angel so that only increased my collection.  Lately, she’s given me many angels that were hers that are of particular importance to her–of course these have quickly become my favorites.  I decided it only appropriate to have a little Christmas tree dedicated to only my angel ornaments, because believe me, I have enough to fill a whole tree! I needed a tree topper for such a special tree though and after months of looking…enter sugar and spice!

I loved the angel tree toppers that they have for sale.  They are beautifully crafted and wonderfully handmade.  The one I picked has poinsettias on her dress and brown spriggy hair. She’s completely perfect.

Angel Christmas tree topper by Sugar and Spice from Etsy

Angel Christmas tree

Ornaments from my angel tree

More angel ornaments from my tree

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