Berkley Illustration

Taking a break from the Christmas decorating–don’t worry those posts are returning soon–I’m really excited to share about mine and Mr. Fancy Pants’ new decorations for our bedroom.  We got the most awesome bedding from my aunt and uncle for our wedding and Christmas gift last year from Anthropologie.  I absolutely loved it.  Sadly, it began falling apart on us.  All of the seams were breaking and coming apart, and I can say that honestly only one of the holes in the comforter was our cat Avey’s fault!

My mom had suggested taking it back to the store and having them replace it for several months but I never did.  She came to visit us last weekend and brought the original receipt with her and we went up to Anthropologie with my beautiful, damaged bedding to see what they could do.  In a glimmer of hope, we thought that they had found the same bedding at a store in Florida but it was a mistake in their system, after she waited on hold with them for 12 minutes.  Side note, I was glad to know that someone else had to deal with being put on hold on the phone all day at work because I feel like that composes about 65% of my day–and let me tell you, about 99% of companies don’t put too much thought into their hold music, mine especially.  It’s absolutely terrible!  Back to my story, they couldn’t find my original bedding so we had to pick out something new and I am very pleased with our selection.

New bedding from Anthropologie

My mom and I took our existing Euro pillows and made new shams for them, and by we I mean she did.  Ha!  I love to sew and could definitely have made them myself, but I am sure all of you will understand there’s just something about a mother’s touch.  I am convinced that her’s look 10 times better than mine ever could have!  I am hoping that is something that comes with either age or motherhood because I am still missing that attribute!

New pillow shams courtesy of mom!

The most exciting part of all of this is we have finally decided on art to put above our bed!  We have been looking and waiting for almost 11 months now for the perfect artwork for our bedroom and with our new bedding we’ve finally found something perfect!  Mr. Fancy Pants had actually suggested this a few months ago and I just couldn’t see the whole picture–here in lies my creative side falling just a hair short once again.  I think the bedding will look so much better when it’s not crammed into a 9.5′ ft. x 9.5′ ft. room on a borrowed (and broken) queen bed with a dresser, desk, and trunk and can really shine–but for the time being I think is looking great and will be finished off by the 9 pieces of Berkley illustration we’ve picked out.

He combines characters, animals, creatures, people, etc. into the most hilarious and beautiful pieces of art.  The ones we chose all have an animals head with a human body.  My favorite part is their clothes and accessories that range in style and time period.  For some reason they remind me of the symbolism and irony from Animal Farm which leads me to believe that all of the characters have a name, plot line, and reference to a historic figure.  I’m sure once they’re all hanging above my bed I’ll overhear their conversations at night when they think we’re asleep and I’ll have a LOT more exciting stories to blog about!

Here are the ones we’ve picked.  Mr. Fancy Pants put them all together in Photoshop for us to decide how we want to hang them.

Collection of Berkley Illustrations for Mr. and Mrs. Fancy Pants

My favorite is the elephant in the lower left-hand corner.  Maybe it draws from my going to school at the University of Alabama and that’s our mascot but I just love all his wrinkles!  Each one is so detailed and full of character.  I cannot wait to get them in the mail–I think they’re supposed to be part of my Christmas present but I’m hoping Mr. Fancy Pants wants them hung as badly as me and we’ll get to put them up sooner.  We’re framing each of them in a Ribba frame from IKEA.  I can’t wait to have the finished product even though it’s in a tiny, smooshed bedroom!

To see all of Berkley’s Illustrations, check out their Etsy:

  1. Kate said:

    Beautiful bedspread! Beautiful illustrations, my favorite is whatever the animal is at the top right in aviator gear.

    Did you finish your stockings? Can’t wait to see them.

    Wore my Salley pashmina today!

    All my love SSLB!

  2. Heather said:

    Lovely choice for bedding. I’m dealing with the same issue right now. And in the process for looking for new bedding! I love Berkley illustration, good choice! Can’t wait to see them all hanging in the room!

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