It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Stockings

Stocking template

Get excited readers!  My Christmas fever is in full swing!!!  I’m going to be posting all sorts of Christmas recipes, activities, decorations, etc. in the next few weeks.  My first project is to make stockings for Mr. Fancy Pants and I for our first Christmas together.  We both have stockings at our parents’ houses, but I wanted us to have our own.  My mom and dad made their stockings when they first got married.  My dad was in medical school and the stitching was good practice for his surgery rotations.  Mr. Fancy Pants and I don’t have quite the same situation, although Mr. Fancy Pants can sew on a button, so I assumed the job of stocking creator.

I found this stocking template on a blog that I love to follow, Twig & Thistle. Her post was featuring another blogger who created the stocking template above–Maggie Makes.  My mom and paternal grandmother taught me to sew when I was a little girl.  I am not a seamstress by any means, however, I can work my sewing machine, a graduation present from my parents, make a button hole, thread a bobbin, and follow directions.  And let me tell you…that’s all you need to make these stockings.  I looked into making stockings several months ago and the patterns I looked at at Hobby Lobby seemed entirely too complicated for such a simple project.  This pattern is wonderful and leaves room for deviations and creativity if you want to add your own personal touch!

Fabric squares and directions at the start of my stocking project

For our stockings, I chose these two ‘Christmasy’ plaids.  One is the majority red with gold and green accents and the other is mainly green with red and gold detail. I wanted our stockings to be different but compliment each other at the same time.  The hardest part of all of this was picking out the fabric to use.  If any of you know Mr. Fancy Pants, you know he’s not your typical guy without an opinion when it comes to decorating, fashion sense, etc.  I knew he’d have on opinion when it came to the fabric I chose so I walked around Hobby Lobby for about an hour trying to pick something tasteful, cool, and not cheesy.  Let me tell you, it was a feat.  I was there so long the normally unfriendly woman in the fabric section (surprise, surprise…I go to Hobby Lobby a lot and yes I can recognize most of the people that work there) came over and said, “Hunny, whatever you’re trying to make can’t be that big of a deal.  Can I help you make up your mind?!”  I thought it was hilarious.  And yes, I laughed at her.

Mr. Fancy Pants can frequently be found strutting around the Public School wearing one of two plaid shirts that look exactly the same (red/black and teal/black) that he bought at the Buffalo Exchange so I thought that going with a plaid fabric was a pretty good option!  I also got solid red and green fabric to put on the toe and heel where I’m going to have our names monogramed.  Cheesy, yes I know.

Me hunched over my sewing machine--my back very quickly begins to hate me

First section of squares sewn together. There will be two more like this that will make the whole piece. I will trace the stocking pattern on and cut out the shape from there.

At the top of the stockings, I will have a solid stripe of red or green about 4″ tall.  I was planning on putting our names there until I saw this great idea on Martha Stewart’s website.  And quickly our first Christmas stockings have turned into a big hodge podge of ideas because I had to include these felt evergreen trees too!  I am using three different colors of felt and different colored buttons for the ‘ornaments’.  I’ll just have one row of them unlike this picture but I think it’ll be a cool, creative touch at the top!  I had Mr. Fancy Pants draw them all for me so all I have to do is cut them out.  Everyday I think his creativity rubs off on me a little more.  I have always had a ton of innovative ideas–I think it was the only child part of me.  What I’ve lacked is the desire to do anything with my creative urges.  That’s what Mr. Fancy Pants is bringing out in me.  However, I don’t care how creative, talented, or extraordinary he is…he’ll never be able to change the fact that I couldn’t draw a stick person to save my life so he gracefully pitched in his part on our stocking project.  Thanks Mr. Fancy Pants!

Martha Stewart evergreen felt stocking idea

My own felt evergreen trees in progress

  1. Very nice pattern for the stockings – all those little pieces make it pretty impressive!

  2. karen said:

    I love your fabric choices and how you are adding your own touches. If you have any problems with the tutorial let me know so I can update it. I can’t wait to see yours complete!

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