The Marsh Legacy; Acapulco Dishes

Acapulco Dishes

My Acapulco Dish Collection

Not until I got married did I really understand the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  I am always interested to know what kinds of things are passed down from family member to family member.  Some kids get furniture, some get jewelry, some get money…what is my inheritance? Dishes!  Not really, however, considering that I am an only child, there will be many many things that I inherit from my parents that I will always cherish.  That said, there are a few things that will always be my favorites one of which is our collection of Villeroy & Boch Acapulco dishes.  All my life I have loved these dishes and I have no good reason why other than because my grandmother and mother had them.  Like I’ve said before, I am a sucker for anything old or vintage.  I’m not really sure what the story is behind these dishes but they’re old and you cannot find them anymore so that makes them perfect in my book!

Acapulco by Villeroy & Boch

Acapulco by Villeroy & Boch

Tea Cups and Saucers

Tea Cups and Saucers

My maternal grandmother, Polly Perry Marsh Brabham was the first to begin the collection.  She has impeccable taste, and would be the only 70 year old woman that I would completely trust to pick out just about anything for me!  She has a love for art, photography, and sculpture unrivaled by most and her home is practically an art gallery.  For those reasons, we give her all of the credit for picking out these fantastic dishes that we all love.  My precious mother, Lucy Marsh Sarrett whose taste is also perfect, was the second lover of these dishes.  When she was about my age, they began her collection of the Acapulco dishes as they were becoming more and more difficult to find.  As the search went on, my mom and my Mimi picked up what pieces they could find here and there and years later they have more than 20 full place settings between the two of them!  Growing up I have memories of one of these two ladies in my life entertaining a group of people, which was a regular occurrence–a love I also inherited, and they would meet halfway in between Texarkana and Longview, TX (where my Mimi lives) to complete their collection of dishes depending on the number of people that would be coming to the party.  It was a funny sight to see–like a grown up version of trading cards–they’d haul laundry baskets of dishes all wrapped up in dish towels from one car to the other. They’d attempt to figure out what they were exchanging when all the while they were so mixed up by this point that who knows what they actually began with.  “Ok, so you’re taking 8 salad plates and 10 dinner plates and you’re leaving me with 7 mugs and 5 saucers.  Is that right?”  “No, no.  It’s  4 salad plates and 4 dessert plates.  And I think the rest is right.”  “Oh well, we’ll figure it all out later.”



The summer before Mr. Fancy Pants and I got married I was home for the summer taking a dreaded Chemistry elective to try and get it out of the way before my final semester at college and spent my weekends at our wedding showers and writing thank you notes.  My sweet next door neighbor, Mrs. Jill and some other wonderful women, through me a “kitchen shower”.  Though I don’t have Marsh anywhere in my name, I am proud to be a Marsh legacy and on this wonderful afternoon, after years of admiring their place settings, I was finally welcomed into one of the Marsh traditions–my own set of Villeroy & Boch Acapulco dishes.  My mom found 4 place settings of Acapulco for me on  I was so surprised when I opened the box.  I cried.  Over the next week or so, I took them out of the box, set a place setting on the dining room table, took 10 more pictures to add to the 100 I already had, and wrapped them carefully back up and put them back into their box. I was so proud.

Salad plates

Salad plates

A few months after we were married, we went to visit my husband’s wonderful family in Rowlett, TX.  His big brother and his wife, Amy, came in from Fort Worth to visit with us. Amy told me when she walked in the door that she had a surprise for me.  Stephen, Mr. Fancy Pants’ brother, came walking in behind her with two large hat boxes.  She was so excited about the surprise and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what she had found that made her so excited.  I opened the box and peaked inside.  It was FULL of Acapulco pieces.  She had remembered the dishes from my shower the previous summer and found the dishes at a flea market.  The woman selling them had 7 dinner plates, 7 salad plates, 6 cups & saucers, and a casserole dish all in perfect condition.  Knowing they were expensive, Amy asked how much they were, thinking she’d buy me a cup & saucer or a plate for my collection.  “$10”, the woman replied.  Amy only had $8 and some change with her and the lady gave her all of it.  I later went back to the website where my mom had found the dishes for my shower and tried to figure out what Amy’s gift to me had been worth.  Over $2000.

This is why I love family treasures like these so much.  What an incredible journey these have been on.  Yes, they’re just dishes but they are so special to us Marsh girls.  Anyone can give a gift, but how much more special when it has such a memorable story.  One for which I am thankful for Amy for taking the time to remember something that was special to me, for my mother for sparking my love and beginning my collection, and for my Mimi, the Marsh matriarch, and her impeccable taste.  I hope you all have special heirlooms that are as priceless to you as these are to me.  If you ever come visit the Fancy Pants home, I promise we’ll eat dinner on the Acapulco dishes!

  1. mom said:

    imagine how happy this story would make your grandmother if she could/would get on a computer and read it!! Think I will print it and send by pony express today…ily (can’t wait to see you)

  2. nicolelavelle said:

    these dishes are amazing! priceless, in so many ways. i also inherited some dishes from my grandmother but i’m one of 13 cousins and there were six aunts and uncles who got to choose their treasures before me, so you can only imagine how unattractive the dishes are! they’re a mess of twigs and apples and leaves but i love them simply because i ate many dinners from them and i’ll always have a little piece of my grandmother’s kitchen.
    your post really got me thinking!

  3. sally, i found your blog through facebook. those dishes are absolutely gorgeous! i, like you, will have a lot of dishes/china passed down to me on my maternal side as the only granddaughter – but i am uber jealous you will get those! so unique too!

  4. What an incredible collection! I just found a handful of these at my local thrift store and am getting ready to sell them on my etsy store….as I was doing research on them (cost, date, rarity, etc.) I came across your photographs. If I had a complete set as you do, I’d be holding onto these for dear life. Sadly, my husband HATES the pattern. *sigh* Personally, if I’d known these existed when we got married this would have been the pattern I chose for all wedding gift-related needs.

    Congrats on enjoying these for years and years and years as you break bread with friends and family.


    • AH! How amazing that you find some! And so sad your husband isn’t a fan! Let me know (if you don’t mind) when you put them up for sale! I am always looking for new/replacement pieces!

      • Frances said:

        I have a complete set of 16, cups, sauces, dinner plates, salad dishes, serving pieces, platter. I’m looking to sell for the right price. Any one interested?

  5. Sydney said:

    I too have a set of everything…butter dish included. They mean
    so much to me because they belonged to my most favorite grandmother. I am so torn about using them or not. I can’t believe that people are finding them in thrift stores…Uh, they are pretty pricy now!

  6. Shaynna said:

    This story is amazing!!! I also am the proud owner of an acapulco dish set! I have tea cups & saucers, soup bowls, decorative wall hanging, and some still packed! It was the only thing that caught my eye when asked to ‘pick’ what I wanted (in memory of my husbands grandmother) when my father-in-law inherited his mothers vintage-style home. I do enjoy it very much & show it off from time to time! Thanks for posting!

  7. Wendy said:

    I have a bunch of Acapulco pieces I am looking to sell. I am located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. There are lots of serving pieces, including the tea pitcher, coffee pitcher, gravy boat, butter dish, pickle plate, fondue plates, etc. Almost everything, other than the actual dinner plates, are in new condition. The dinner plates look like they were used on a regular basis. These dishes were handed down to me from my mother in law.

    • Wow! Wendy, do you still have these?! My apologies in the delay! I have been horrible about updating my blog lately, but I’m back on track! (I think! Ha!) My mother and I would definitely be interested in what you have! Do you have any photos of the pieces??

      • Wendy said:

        Wendy here. It has taken me two years to re-find your blog and realize you responded to me:)! I still have all the Acapulco dishes that were handed down to me, and would love to find a new home for them. I can take photos of the pieces and make a list for you if you are still interested. I’ll be sure to bookmark your page this time!

      • Wendy,

        Thanks for reaching out again! I’d love to see a picture of the serving pieces and other dishes you have! Would you be able to email it to me? My email address is:

        I will actually be in Dallas next week so if there are any I’d like to purchase from you maybe I could do so then!

        Thank you!!!

      • Wendy said:

        I will try to get the pictures taken and emailed to you this weekend (hopefully tonight). The collection is quite large. Thank you for responding:)

  8. anne-marie said:

    I too collect these dishes that were passed down to me from my Mother. I love them.

  9. patti said:

    I just received my mother-in-law’s set…with some amazing pieces. She collected them when she lived in Nicaragua in the 70s and is also very artistic and has a great eye for design. My question is this: there are some that seem to be individual casserole dishes in my collection with a bottom that is coated like it could go in the oven; do you know if they can go in the oven? Thanks! Patti

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