Fall Festivities

Beautiful Fall Foliage

Even though it’s still 400 degrees outside here in Austin, TX, my fall spirit is in full swing.  This will be mine and Mr. Fancy Pants’ first fall in Austin.  I will say, I didn’t think there would be a huge difference in between here and Northeast Texas where we both grew up, however, i am quickly realizing that there is.  By now in our good-ole hometown of Texarkana, TX it’s at least five to ten degrees cooler than it is here.  One of my favorite things about fall is how beautiful everything is when the leaves change and begin to fall off the trees.  With all of the color, I think it’s one of the times in the year that the world around me looks its best; it’s like the rare days that I actually take the time to put on make up–it’s amazing what a little color will do.  Ha.  Back to the leaves, apparently don’t change into such beautiful colors here.  From what I gather they go from green to brown to dead.  However, don’t be dismayed, I have plenty of enthusiasm stored up to get me through.

I have always wanted to live in New England; even if only for one season I would want to live there during the fall to see the leaves change.  I would walk around in a big heavy coat and scarf with a cup of hot chocolate and take pictures of the foliage all day long.  I honestly think it would take weeks for me to get tired of it.  As it stands now, I have to carry a sweater everywhere I go, especially the movies and to restaurants, and I think 70 degrees is chilly so Mr. Fancy Pants says that I’d never make it for three months straight in the snow.  Ladies, you can commiserate with me in my response that if I only had proper “winter clothing” I’d be just fine.  I assure you, the coats that they make for those of us in Texas are made out of kleenex in comparison to a coat for a northern lady!  To which he responds that I just want new clothes–which may or may not be true.

Apartment #12's new decoration

Apartment #12's new decoration

Wreath Detail

Wreath Detail

I’ve been working on the fall decorations around Apartment 12.  In my mind, fall is really just a segue to the Christmas season, however, it is my second favorite time of year so I have to pay it some dues.  I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon after work and got some things to spruce up the Fancy Pants apartment.  I think it comes with being a newly wed, but I got so much joy out of walking up and down the aisles trying to pick out things that I thought would put Mr. Fancy Pants in an autumnal mood.  It was the same joy that I still get cooking him dinner every night, which judged by my mother’s nightly war with us growing up and every other woman that I’ve talked to that’s been married more than a year, I expect that joyous feeling to come to a harsh hault around January 3, 2010.

That said, I talked on the phone with my mom for about 90% of the time I was in Hobby Lobby trying to get advice on what to put where and how to hang this and what would work best with these lights etc. etc.  I was almost giddy.  I made my first wreath for our first home last night (pictured above).  In the picture they actually look like leaves but they are little seeded branches on a wreath made of twigs. Both Mr. Fancy Pants and I really liked how natural it turned out looking and to be honest, I am very impressed with my home-making skills!  I only ended up with two battle scars–results from a fight with the hot glue gun.  I also brought home some decorative pumpkins, leaves for a bowl, and the supplies to make little ghosts that I am going to hang in the doorway!  Now all I need is some pumpkin lights and we’ll be ready to bring in the 90 degree Austin autumnal season!

Sweet Berry Farm--Marble Falls, TX

Sweet Berry Farm--Marble Falls, TX

This weekend I am dragging Mr. Fancy Pants to a PUMPKIN FARM!  I am so excited and I’m not sure he completely shares my enthusiasm!  We are going to make the drive to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, TX on Saturday to visit their pumpkin harvest.  What a better way to bring in the fall spirit?  They have a huge pumpkin, gourd, and squash harvest this year to choose from.  And considering that I have had over a week for my excitement to build, I am confident we’re both going to walk away with our arms full of pumpkins!  On top of the pumpkins, they have hay rides, a corn maze, face painting, “stuff your own scarecrow”, AND something called the “Pumpkin Grille” (mysterious I know and I’m not sure what all this entails, but it is rumored to feature grilled squash, pumpkin, and corn. Yum Yum).  I swear half of the time I am still a child at heart.  I kid you not, I might be leaving there on Saturday with my face painted–please don’t judge me.  The farm is run by a family that lives in Marble Falls.  I am going to laugh when a young girl, half my age–no a fourth of my age, ends up painting my face.  Oh well, welcome fall!!

  1. Sarah said:

    It has always amazed me how different the leaves can get depending on where you are. My childhood was spent in Canada, and the leaves there were just magnificent – probably not unlike New England’s famous foliage. I lived my teenage years in Atlanta, Georgia, where the leaves looked dull and didn’t live up to my bright and colourful expectations. Now I live in England, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag – some areas have gorgeous leaves, and others are just withered and brown and looking a bit ill. So I sympathize with your new surroundings! Your wreath looks beautiful, and has totally put me in the mood to create my own for autumn!

  2. Haha, here in Chicago winter is like a good 4 month affair, sometimes more. So fall is precious indeed. Chad always jokes that my one super hero talent is having freeeeezing cold hands & feet when it’s not summer. Love the blog, girlie. Keep it up.

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