Il Critico di Cibo: Frank

From time to time, Mrs. Fancy Pants will be bringing y’all some local eats here in Austin, TX that she’s fond of.  You’ll find these entitled: Il Critico di Cibo which is Italian for, The Food Critic.  Good combination of two things that Mrs. Fancy Pants loves; the Italian language (though her fluency is quickly leaving her) and food…maybe a little too much.

Wall outside of Frank (seen from 4th and colorado)

Wall outside of Frank (seen from 4th and colorado)

Last night William and I went to Frank.  After a few weeks of William telling me about this place we finally made it and I will have to say it was even better than I wanted it to be.  Frank is open now as a bar and restaurant serving a huge selection of beer and a hot dogs in every shape, form, and fashion that you could desire.  I will just put this out there now, I am an incredibly picky eater.  And thus, I ordered a plain hot dog.  But a word for all of those more adventurous than I; if their ‘specialty’ dogs are anything like their plain jane one…you can’t go wrong!

Click here to preview the myriad of combinations ready for you to gobble up.

Currently the restaurant and bar are all that is open.  However, the creators of Frank, the clever and talented fellows of The Decoder Ring (a premier design partnership based in Austin), have much more up their sleeves.  A lounge is in creation in an upstairs loft of sorts, and a boutique grocery/deli is also beginning to take shape.  You can stop by and see their progress but take my word for it, each addition is only going to make this place better.  Looking at the grocery/deli is like taking a step back to a better time–like I have said, I really think I was born in the wrong era so I particularly appreciate their attention to detail.  Every where you look are antique collectibles and unique details that you think would’ve belonged inside an old meat market or general store.  I am anxious to see the whole project completed.  I assure you the Fancy Pants family will be frequent visitors!

Menu at Frank. Drinks are served in Mason jars--by far my favorite touch.

Menu at Frank. Drinks are served in Mason jars--by far my favorite touch.

Just the location of the restaurant itself warrants a visit.  Nestled on the corner of 4th and Colorado in downtown Austin, the huge windows on the 4th street side of the building give a perfect view of downtown.  It’s places like this that make me remember how much I love Austin.  Maybe it was a combination of the sun setting and fall seeming to be on it’s way, but I couldn’t help but give in to a feeling of contentment.  I am always thankful to find a local restaurant for William and I to support.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not snubbing my nose at successful restaurant chains, I like McDonald’s as much as the next person (actually I hate McDonald’s but for argument’s sake let’s pretend that I don’t) however, it has long been my dream to own a children’s book store and it’s places like this that give me faith that when and if I act on my flight of fancy to have a whole-in-the-wall place of my own, Barnes & Noble won’t put me out of business.  At least not right away.

Interior of Frank

Interior of Frank

My dinner selection.  The Plain Dog and Waffle Fries.

My dinner selection. The Plain Dog and Waffle Fries.

Not sure how much longer I can talk about Franks before 1. making me want to return for the second night in a row (I think I’ve already accomplished this) or 2. getting a little worried about myself as to the amount of writing I can do about a hot dog (I KNOW I’ve already accomplished this).  So, for that reason I’ll end with this.  If you’re ever in or around Austin, make a point to stop at Frank–it’s well worth the trip!

Great typography on the outer wall of Frank (also seen from 4th and Colorado).

Great typography on the outer wall of Frank (also seen from 4th and Colorado).

  1. brooke said:

    love your blog!! love your writing! you’re so good at writing and growing things!! i noticed when we were there for willie’s bday!! i like the picture with you peeking through haha.

    we love you guys!!

  2. Jessica said:

    Yay, hot dogs and kidos bookstore. Miss ya’ll both!

  3. mom said:

    Love it, love it. Maybe you should be a food critic and write articles for Gourmet or food network!! ps…McD’s has the best fries!! ilynec

  4. Val said:

    Yay for hot dogs and Franks! Sally your review actually got my mouth watering. Im going there tonight.

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